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In spite of strong recent economic growth and extensive natural resources, Mozambique remains one of the world’s poorest countries.

TechnoServe has been providing technical assistance to Mozambique’s industries, agribusinesses, and entrepreneurs with high-growth potential for over 20 years, since our office first opened in 1998. We have helped create a competitive and sustainable commercial agricultural sector, which has generated opportunities for small-scale rural producers and suppliers, in addition to new employment opportunities for the rural poor. TechnoServe in Mozambique is known for creating lasting impact in the value chains of cashew and poultry, though we've also worked in agro-forestry, seed systems, horticulture, and access to finance. We work with corporate partners to promote investments in key industries and build local supply chains for sourcing, as well as public sector partners to build capacity to regulate and promote growing industries. Our goal in the next 10 years is to scale our impact through leveraging and sharing knowledge and build new partnerships in order to catalyze further change.

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She is Capable

Since 2018, Business Women Connect has economically empowered over 200 businesswomen in Mozambique by giving them the business skills they need to succeed. At the same time, Business Women Connect has increased the supply of savings products through empowering these businesswomen to become financial service agents in their communities. Business Women Connect invests in women, because they are capable of making change.


Agriculture Projects in Mozambique

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Small Commercial Farmer Model Impact Report

Learn about the impact of TechnoServe’s small commercial farmer model as a mechanism for rural development.

MozaCajú Impact Report

This report outlines four years of impact and insights from the MozaCajú program, which supported the Mozambican cashew nut industry by harnessing global market demand for premium cashew and addressing obstacles throughout the value chain, including production, inputs, processing, finance, and marketing.

Relatório de impacto de modelo de pequeno agricultor comercial

Aprenda sobre o impacto do modelo de pequeno agricultor comercial da TechnoServe como um mecanismo para o desenvolvimento rural.

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Field Diaries

Findings from field research in Nampula, Mozambique (2010-2013)…

Factories in the Field

Rural Transformation and the Organization of Work in Mozambique’s Cashew Triangle.