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“This was the first time I was seeing a [pay]check in my life.”

Poverty is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to build a better life. That’s why at TechnoServe, we empower the world’s poor to lift themselves out of poverty so that they can build a brighter future. Our work teaches people how to earn a better living and creates lasting change that transforms lives.

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Today, 700 million people live in poverty.

That’s 10% of the world’s population, who struggle to fulfill their basic needs. Our work creates opportunities for people to increase their income and build a brighter future.

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For every $1 invested in our programs, an individual gains on average $5 in income.

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Our market-based approach to fighting poverty is different, and it makes us more effective.

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We Transform Lives, Families, and Communities

A person who works her way out of poverty can hire employees, make investments, and stimulate other local businesses. And thus the circle of prosperity grows beyond those we work with.

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We're Local

More than 90% of TechnoServe’s staff members are from the country in which they work – because no one understands a community better, or has a greater stake in its success, than the people who call it home.

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We're Data Geeks

We care about what works, and so we care about good measurement. TechnoServe rigorously measures and analyzes our impact to identify what works – so we can do more of it.