WIN supports Nestlé to develop a new distribution channel formed by women micro-entrepreneurs for a new line of products in sachets

The Program Women IN Business – WIN supported Nestlé in Mozambique to design and pilot a new distribution channel led by women micro-entrepreneurs for the brand’s best-selling products in sachet format to reach customers at the base of the pyramid.

The objective of this intervention is to promote product access to women to start or develop as micro-retailers and increase their income within a structured distribution system, and these women have been named magwevas.

In Mozambique a large part of the informal micro-retailers face difficulties in accessing products, due to factors such as long distances, the cost of transportation, and the availability of products, which make acquisition costs more expensive. With WIN’s intervention, magwevas now have the products closer to their areas of residence, through the support of distribution vans to replenish stock on a regular basis. Find out more here