A “Radionovela” Role Model Inspires Women Entrepreneurs in Mozambique

A special radio program in Mozambique is helping women gain the skills and confidence to break business barriers. Janete, a character in a radio drama who transmit the daily life of a young female entrepreneur in Mozambique.

Broadcast in four languages throughout Mozambique, Janete was developed as part of the Women IN Business Program to promote women’s economic empowerment. This “radionovela” represents the very real challenges that women entrepreneurs around the world face every day.

For women to make progress in their businesses, they need not only better access to business training, but also support in dealing with restrictive gender norms. As part of its larger effort to support women entrepreneurs in Mozambique, WIN sought to address both of these challenges through a radio drama.

To learn more how WIN Program through the “radionovela” Janete, taking an “edutainment” approach helps Mozambican women acquire better business skills while breaking harmful gender stereotypes please see here.