WIN Program Held Training Series for Replicators of Gender Tools

From June 28-30, 2022 a series of workshops were held at the BCI Auditorium in Maputo, organized by WIN. These Workshops were aimed at enhancing the portfolio of services provided and improving the gender performance of private sector organizations or companies. The replicators of the gender tools came out of this event with practical knowledge of: 1) How to facilitate a gender training; 2) how to conduct a gender analysis and 3) how to create a gender equality policy. In total there were 18 companies and organizations from the private, social and public sector with emphasis on the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Action, represented by the National Director, Mrs. Lidia Samuel Chongo. With this training, the replicators of gender tools will ensure continuity and sustainability in incorporating the gender perspective in the private sector in Mozambique.

See the Images of the event [here]

Are looking to develop a gender training or policy for your company? Find here the database with Gender Specialists in Mozambique.