Held workshop on Creating a Gender Equality Policy for 16 Mozambican companies

“We are still far from achieving global gender balance at any level, with women representing 25% of Boards, 17% of Executives, 24% of Senior Management, and 37% of the Workforce.” Gender Equality Global Report & Ranking, Ed. 2021

As a way to reduce gender asymmetries in the labor market in Mozambique, the WIN program together with its partners held a Workshop on May 5, 2022, on its tool Creating a Gender Equality Policy in Mozambican companies. The workshop aimed at capacitating companies with a tool that facilitates gender inclusion, through the elaboration of a consistent gender policy, which affects the increase of the teams’ performance; increase of sales and value for the company that adopts and appropriates it.

The event was attended by 16 companies from various sectors of the economy in Mozambique. Based on an interactive methodology, the workshop allowed the participants to have a greater understanding of the contents that make up the tool, and had as objectives: -Support participants to understand what a gender equality policy is, and why companies should have one;

-Support participants with knowledge of the main areas to elaborate a gender equality policy;

-And, to know what are the steps to develop a gender equality policy; To access the workshop content, click here And to check the photos of the workshop, click here