WIN attends international event on financial inclusion organized by FinEquity

“How can Intelligent Gender Design help women entrepreneurs”, is with this theme that the WIN program shared its experience based on its work in Mozambique with its partner AfricaWorks, a Micro-finance company that operates in the market with a focus on low-income women. The event is organized by FinEquity, a global community that brings together over 4000 researchers, decision makers, donors and other actors with an interest in women’s empowerment to jointly accelerate women’s financial inclusion globally. In this event, WIN explored in detail the steps needed to engage local private partners, to identify gaps and unlock solutions that engage women in business, leverage the culture of female entrepreneurship and increase the income and loyalty of the partner’s clients, drawing from the Mozambican experience. These steps include:

The partner being aware of the potential of/or wanting to include women in their business model.

Identify gaps in the business, products and services that are of value to women as well as to the partner;

Design services that are most convenient for women and customers in general;

Pilot the solution; and

Measure the impact of including women microentrepreneurs as end-users. Read more here