WIN joins international event on Financial Inclusion Week 2022

Under the motto Financial Inclusion of Women. The WIN program addressed the topic: the importance of a gender lens when designing financial products. The event is organized annually by the Center for Financial Inclusion, based in Washington the organization purpose is to use research and advocacy to promote inclusive financial systems for low-income people around the world.

It is within this framework that WIN shared its experience on how to reduce the existing disparities between men and women in access to financial services through the mobile wallet, which included economic empowerment of women micro-entrepreneurs through partnerships with the private sector.

These partnerships have resulted, for example, in supporting M-Pesa in conducting market research on its digital savings product (XITIQUE) and offering recommendations to a wider scope of BOP customers, especially women.

 Access the link, and learn in detail, how incorporating a gender lens in product design is a win-win for the company and clients.