Private sector companies explore WIN tools to accelerate gender inclusion in their operations

WIN in partnership with the Brilho program implemented by SNV, supported 3 companies directly to conduct studies to enable them to have greater gender inclusion within their framework, which includes employees, distributors and customers. SolarWorks, Ignite Mozambique, and Epsilon Energia Solar, co-applied the WIN tools for a greater gender framework in their operations.

SolarWorks and Ignite explored conducted gender analysis, based on the WIN tool and with support from a gender consultant, to identify blind spots and opportunities as a starting point for integrating more women, whether in their technical, distribution or leadership teams. More than identifying weaknesses, the gender analysis showed opportunities for improving production and productivity. For Épsilon Energia Solar, the WIN and Brilho programs developed a gender policy, where the company expresses the interest through a concrete action plan, to create a favorable environment for the inclusion of women in all levels of the company, especially partners, employees and customers.

The gender analysis and gender policy allowed the companies to make an assessment from the inside out and identify the weaknesses to be addressed,which allowed a significant improvement of the internal and external environment of the companies.