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About Us

TechnoServe helps people lift themselves out of poverty by harnessing the power of the private sector. A leading nonprofit organization operating in 26 countries, we work with hard-working women and men in the developing world to build competitive farms, businesses, and industries. By linking people to information, capital, and markets, we have helped millions to create lasting prosperity for their families and communities.


TechnoServe works with enterprising people in the developing world to build competitive farms, businesses, and industries.


We will be the most effective catalyst and partner for transformative, on-the-ground, market-based solutions to poverty.


From inspiration in Ghana to transformation around the world, for more than 50 years TechnoServe has helped empower the poor to provide for themselves and create a pathway out of poverty. Experience the historic journey.


Our mission of helping people lift themselves out of poverty is built upon the ideas of fairness and equity, which extend into our workplace.


TechnoServe’s work has helped transform the lives of millions of people in poor communities around the world by helping them learn to improve their farms, businesses, and industries.

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$201m Financial Benefits

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317,493 Beneficiaries

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38% Women Beneficiaries

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$27m Finance Mobilized

Where We Work

We work in poor communities that fight poverty every day throughout Africa, Latin America, and Asia.

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Our Team

We are a global team of dedicated individuals that create business solutions to poverty. Get to know our:

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Regional and Country Staff

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Unlocking economic opportunity in partnership with the public and private sector has shown us that business solutions to poverty are possible. Markets can work for the poor when capacities, incentives, and connections are built for inclusive economic growth that leaves no one behind.

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Transparent and accountable with the credentials to prove it — we have been awarded an “A” rating by Charity Watch and recognized by GuideStar’s highest level of recognition the Platinum Seal of Transparency.

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