Held Workshop on How to Facilitate a Gender Training

WIN organized the second workshop on How to Facilitate Gender Training, the event took place in the BCI Auditorium in Maputo City on June 21st 2022. This event was attended by nine companies from different areas of economic activities represented by their leaders mainly from the Human Resources and Operations areas.

The training took place in a very relaxed environment and with a lot of interaction among the participants, who discussed together about best practices and solutions that should guide their companies towards the Creation of Gender Policies in companies and How to Facilitate Gender Training.

This edition of the workshop had the presence of two special guests, William Warshauer, President and CEO of TechnoServe and Pamela Chitenhe, Regional Director of TechnoServe for Southern Africa. Both were unanimous in recognizing the importance of gender integration as a determining factor for the growth of private sector companies in Mozambique and worldwide. Pamela Chitenhe highlighted the importance of gender integration in the recruitment process, including the way companies advertise job opportunities, so as not to exclude women with skills and potential for company growth.

The participants of this workshop left not only feeling that they have to do more for gender equality in their companies, but also with tools that allow them to: design and facilitate gender training; identify and understand gender biases at work and different strategies to overcome them; the importance of sex-disaggregated data in teams or their clients as well as understand the different challenges of women and men in companies and convert them into an opportunity  To access Gender tool click here; And to check the photos of the event, click here.