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Juliana stands in a coffee field in Peru

How Coffee is Creating a Brighter Future for Farmers and Entrepreneurs in Peru

When Juliana Solís Barón first opened her coffee shop in Peru’s San Martín region, she had no idea what to expect. Even before the coronavirus pandemic, running a coffee shop for the first time presented many challenges. But building a stable, prosperous coffee sector in this once-dangerous area is helping farmers and entrepreneurs like Juliana to improve their incomes and lives.

Agriculture, Coffee, Entrepreneurship
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RFP: Seeking Research Partner for Coffee Program in Peru

TechnoServe seeks to identify a research partner that can help TechnoServe successfully apply for a research grant funded by the Packard Foundation to gain a deeper understanding of the coffee program, CAFE’s, impact on the livelihoods of women and young people.

Agriculture, Coffee
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ToR: External Technical Consultancy for Project Evaluation

TechnoServe is seeking proposals from external evaluators to conduct an assessment of the first phase results from TechnoServe Brazil's Crescer program, and the effectiveness and efficiency of its implementation approach. Click "English PDF" to download the RFP and Responses to Questions.