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What Is Food Security and How Does it Affect the World?

With the number of people facing life-threatening hunger in the world expected to double this year to 265 million, solutions addressing each link in the food system are essential. Drawing from TechnoServe's work across value chains with a range of public and private partners, we are highlighting the latest challenges, insights, and promising approaches in the current effort to prevent widespread food insecurity and build greater long-term resilience.

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3 Years After Hurricane Maria, Coffee Farmers Rebuild in Puerto Rico

When Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico in September 2017, many coffee farmers saw their life’s work disappear overnight. The storm destroyed over 80% of the island’s coffee trees, leaving farmers with little income and the daunting task of rebuilding. Since then, TechnoServe and its partners have teamed up to help restore the island’s coffee industry and support thousands of farmers.

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RFP: Seeking Research Partner for Coffee Program in Peru

TechnoServe seeks to identify a research partner that can help TechnoServe successfully apply for a research grant funded by the Packard Foundation to gain a deeper understanding of the coffee program, CAFE’s, impact on the livelihoods of women and young people.

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