TechnoServe Coffee Project in Peru Shines on the Global Stage with its Sustainability and Youth Innovations

Alianza CAFÉ, an initiative by USAID Peru and implemented by TechnoServe, has made significant strides in fostering regenerative agriculture and the inclusion of youth in the coffee sector

LIMA, PERU–Alianza CAFÉ, a USAID initiative implemented by TechnoServe, recently took center stage at two leading coffee-industry events that highlighted the program’s work to make the coffee value chain in Peru more sustainable and inclusive.

At the Producer & Roaster Forum (PRF) 2023 held in Medellín, Colombia, Patricia Tello, Alianza CAFÉ’s environmental coordinator, shared the program’s approach to helping farmers adopt regenerative agriculture practices that boost resilience and productivity, conserve natural resources, and combat climate change. 

She highlighted the role of vetiver grass in wastewater treatment; this eco-friendly and cost-effective solution allows farmers to filter the water used in coffee processing before it reaches local waterways, preventing contamination and disease. This method draws inspiration from TechnoServe’s experiences in Africa, adapted to meet the pressing water preservation needs in Peru.

At the Swiss Coffee Trade Association (SCTA) Forum in Basel, Switzerland, Alianza CAFÉ showcased its commitment to integrating youth in the coffee value chain. As part of the SCTA Next Gen Contest, Alianza CAFÉ Chief of Party Sergio López, presented the program’s plan to train 200 young adults–the daughters and sons of coffee-farming families–on barista skills. 

This initiative, supported by JDE and Peet’s Coffee, aims to help youth start or strengthen businesses in the coffee value chain, not only creating livelihoods through entrepreneurship but also boosting local coffee consumption. The SCTA recognized this initiative, placing it among the top three globally.

“The future of Peru’s coffee sector depends on ensuring that production is sustainable and resilient, and that youth can find a place to earn their livelihood in the value chain,” said López. “We are excited to share Alianza CAFÉ’s innovative solutions designed to help deliver this future.”


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