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Empowering Young Farmers and Entrepreneurs on International Youth Day

Celebrating Young Farmers and Entrepreneurs on International Youth Day Around the world, a new generation of creative, resilient innovators and entrepreneurs is on the rise. In celebration of United Nations International Youth Day on August 12, here are a few bright, determined young people…

Entrepreneurship, Small and Growing Businesses, Youth Economic Opportunity
International Youth Day, Young Entrepreneurs, Young Farmers, Youth Economic Empowerment
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Request for proposal: Consultant for Administrative Services and Data Organization

Para prestação de serviços administrativos e organização de dados do componente de jovens do Programa Crescer. Por favor, veja os detalhes neste pedido de proposta. Please see the details in the attached RFP for more information and to apply. Please note that the position is for…

Economic Development, Youth Economic Opportunity

Empowering Women through Waste Collection: Transforming Lives and the Environment in Addis Ababa

Discover how Halima Awol's waste management journey is transforming lives in Ethiopia. Empowering women through recycling, the LIWAY program creates jobs, promotes environmental sustainability, and fights poverty. Learn about regenerative business and its impact on communities and the environment.

Environmental Sustainability, Women's Economic Empowerment, Youth Economic Opportunity
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