Rwanda Ikawa Nziza Cyane “Best Coffee Quality” Project (Rwanda INC)

The Rwanda INC program is a 4-year initiative funded by the European Union, JDE Peet’s, and the Government of Rwanda to unlock the potential of Rwanda's coffee value chain by helping farmers, washing stations, and service providers access the information and financing they need to provide high-quality, high-value coffee to local, regional, and international markets.

Agriculture, Coffee
European Union, Jacobs Douwe Egberts, The Government of Rwanda

World Hunger: Causes, Effects, and Solutions

In this blog post, we explore the causes and effects of world hunger, as well as how we can stop it. Learn more about the impact of poverty, climate change, conflict, and economic factors on food security and find out how targeted interventions can help reduce world hunger and malnutrition.

Rebuilding in Rwanda: The Power of a Mother’s Love

Surviving time in a refugee camp, but then losing her husband to malaria, Athanasie and her family returned to Rwanda to farm coffee. As a single parent, she was worried about how she would survive. With the training she received from TechnoServe, Athanasie worked hard to create a healthy and prosperous future for her family – one coffee tree at a time.