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Request for proposal: Consultant for Administrative Services and Data Organization

Para prestação de serviços administrativos e organização de dados do componente de jovens do Programa Crescer. Por favor, veja os detalhes neste pedido de proposta. Please see the details in the attached RFP for more information and to apply. Please note that the position is for…

Economic Development, Youth Economic Opportunity

Quiz: How much do you know about the gender gap? 

The World Economic Forum recently published its annual report on the global gender gap with more information on modern gender disparities across different industries. TechnoServe works globally to economically empower women with programs that help women entrepreneurs develop their businesses. How much do you know about the gender gap?  In…

World Hunger: Causes, Effects, and Solutions

In this blog post, we explore the causes and effects of world hunger, as well as how we can stop it. Learn more about the impact of poverty, climate change, conflict, and economic factors on food security and find out how targeted interventions can help reduce world hunger and malnutrition.