One Year of COVID-19: Catarina Bié, Small Business Owner in Mozambique

In this series, we check back with TechnoServe program participants previously featured on our blog, documenting how their lives have changed and progressed. Catarina Bié is a small business owner in Maputo, Mozambique. After receiving digital business training from TechnoServe, Catarina learned how to adapt her business to survive the crisis. Find out how she is doing now, seven months later.

Creating Lasting Change in Ghana: Q&A with Julia Podevin

Julia Podevin is a former TechnoServe Fellow who worked in Ghana in 2011. During her time with TechnoServe, she looked for ways to link financial institutions, such as rural banks, with the agricultural sector. In this Q&A, Julia shares why she became a Fellow, what her experience was like on the ground, and why she continues to support TechnoServe.

A Passion for Transforming Lives: Q&A with Angela Choi

Angela Choi is a former TechnoServe Fellow who worked in Zimbabwe in 2017 performing an agricultural value chain analysis. In this Q&A, Angela shares how she got involved, what inspires her about TechnoServe’s work, and what she learned from her time as a Fellow.

Understanding and Promoting Gender Equality in Coffee Farming

Women play an essential role in the success of small farms and agricultural businesses around the world. But despite the vital role of women farmers, they continue to face inequality and obstacles to earning a decent living. Guillaume Le Cunff, CEO of Nespresso, William Warshauer, CEO of TechnoServe, and Mefthe Tadesse, East Africa Regional Director for TechnoServe, discuss ways to promote gender equality in coffee farming. 

Meet 5 Women Leaders & Vote for Your Favorite Inspiring Story

On Monday, March 8, the world will celebrate the tremendous achievements of women across the globe. In the last year, the COVID-19 crisis has illuminated the essential role women play in society and the disproportionate burdens they carry in their everyday lives. Read five inspirational stories of women leaders who have overcome significant challenges to create a brighter future, then vote on your favorite story.