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Survey Results: Effects of COVID-19 on Uganda Coffee Farmers

In partnership with Laterite, we conducted a July 2020 survey about the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on coffee farming in Uganda. Discover key results in the infographics below. View All Infographics July 2020 Survey…

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RFP: Seeking Research Partner for Coffee Program in Peru

TechnoServe seeks to identify a research partner that can help TechnoServe successfully apply for a research grant funded by the Packard Foundation to gain a deeper understanding of the coffee program, CAFE’s, impact on the livelihoods of women and young people.

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How Your Favorite Food and Drinks are Impacted by Climate Change

Many popular foods and beverages are grown by smallholder farmers around the world. These farmers are experiencing increasing challenges as they struggle to grow their crops in the face of extreme weather, droughts, floods, and other threats. Learn about a few of the crops most affected by climate change and what TechnoServe is doing to help these farmers build climate resilience.

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