Southern Africa

The second phase of the WIN program (WIN 2.0) began with a Market System Assessment inception and analysis activities in the north and south of Mozambique

The second phase of the WIN program, which has been underway since July of this year, is beginning to take its first steps towards achieving the primary objective of economic empowerment of low-income women, by identifying, catalyzing and expanding innovative solutions, with the ultimate aim of benefiting low-income women, mostly…

Case Study – How can management tools and information lead to women’s economic empowerment?

This case study is one of a four-part series designed to explorethe effectiveness of interventions across different sectors to increase women’s economic empowerment. The series includes case studies on four of WIN’s intervention areas: media, financial services, distribution and management tools and information. By promoting management tools and information…

Gender Equality, Women's Economic Empowerment
Case Studies