Empowering Farmers in Mozambique: USAID and SDC Sign Memorandum of Understanding to Support Agribusinesses

TechnoServe will lead implementation of the partnership to boost economic opportunity and employment in Mozambique

Nampula, Mozambique—The U.S. Government, represented by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) signed an agreement last month to promote market-based farming in the Nacala Corridor of northern Mozambique.  The agreement merges USAID’s $25.5 million Feed the Future (FTF) Premier project with SDC’s $6.7 million Oholo project to create the FTF Premier-Oholo (PRO) project, with international nonprofit TechnoServe leading implementation.

Representatives of the US, Swiss, and Mozambican governments sign an MOU
The USAID Deputy Administrator, Governor of Nampula and the Swiss Ambassador in Mozambique, signing the MoU

Operational until June 2027, the partnership will provide small business owners with essential skills and resources to create competitive agribusinesses, invest in improved marketing, and help farmers make the transition from subsistence agriculture to a market-based system. The activity supports the private sector’s role in boosting incomes by creating markets, providing necessary infrastructure, and encouraging local farmers to adopt modern agricultural practices.

Local farmers and micro, small and medium enterprises are the backbone of the region’s workforce, so the agreement promises new opportunities to boost livelihoods in the region.

“Investing in the agrarian sector and its entire chain is a key strategy to boost the province’s economy, given that approximately 70% of our population depends on this sector as their main source of income,” said the governor of Nampula, Manuel Rodrigues Alberto. “At this time, we express our gratitude and appreciation for being considered beneficiaries of this significant project.”

Partnering to Improve Opportunities for Women and Youth in Mozambique

USAID Deputy Administrator Isobel Colman, visiting Mozambique, was the guest of honor at the signing ceremony. She said, “By boosting market-based agriculture, this partnership will increase incomes and jobs, particularly for youth and women in conflict-affected northern Mozambique.”

SDC Head of Cooperation Ilaria Dali said, “By joining forces with USAID, we aim to achieve meaningful impact and support the shared goals of economic growth and development in the region. Together with USAID, we aim to create positive change, promote sustainable development, and contribute to a better future for communities in the Nacala Corridor and Cabo Delgado.”

The combined PRO project will contribute to shared goals and promote collaboration among development partners, promoting synergies and avoiding duplication of activities.

A number of distinguished leaders participated in the signing ceremony. Representatives of the U.S. government included Isobel Coleman, deputy administrator of USAID; Ambassador Peter Vrooman; and USAID Mission Director Helen Pataki. Ambassador Alain Gaschen and Ilaria Dali, head of cooperation at SDC, represented the Swiss government. Pamela Chitenhe, TechnoServe’s regional director for Southern Africa, represented the nonprofit.


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