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Beyond Fishing: Boosting Biodiversity and Economic Development on Lake Malawi

Over the years, overfishing, pollution, and species loss have threatened Lake Malawi—and the livelihoods of the people who depend on it. Today, fishermen like Maxwell Kaunda are gaining the skills to embrace new ways to make a living, such as cassava farming. In doing so, they are increasing their incomes and protecting the lake’s critical biodiversity.

5 smiling women in yellow t-shirts from Mozambique. Cover from Case study about integrating women as sales agents in distribution models.

Successful Practices to Integrate Women as Sales Agents in Distribution Models

This case study is one of a four-part series designed to explore the effectiveness of interventions across different sectors to increase women’s economic empowerment. The series includes case studies on achieving women’s economic empowerment through four of WIN’s intervention areas: media, financialservices, distribution and management tools and information. Improving the…

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