Vote for the Photo of the Month: June 2022

Our monthly photo series highlights the beauty and emotion in the lives of our clients around the world.

camera africa photo of month

TechnoServe’s work with people fighting poverty around the world is full of striking stories and images. Each month, we share a few of our favorite photos from the everyday beauty of our clients’ journeys towards better incomes and better futures.

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Photo 1

Mother and daughter Rita and Jessica Sitóe celebrate earning their training certificate from a TechnoServe small business program, which allowed them to overcome COVID-19 sales challenges. “Soon, my mother won’t have to worry about paying for my studies. I will start my own small business selling second-hand clothes and help her reduce some personal expenses,” says Jessica.

Photo 2

a food processing work sorts boxes(Credit: Bobby Neptune)

A food processing worker in Ethiopia sorts boxes of consumer dairy goods, as part of a small business recovery program with TechnoServe and other partners to strengthen food systems in Africa.

Photo 3

smallholder farmers stand in a fieldSmallholder farmers in Honduras stand proudly in a bean field, which they cultivate alongside coffee using sustainable methods to improve their incomes and food security.