India’s economy has experienced tremendous growth in urban industries such as services and information technology. However, more than 300 million Indians continue to live in poverty, and of these, 75 percent live in rural areas. More than two-thirds of the population depends on agriculture – mostly at a small-scale or subsistence level – for their livelihoods.

TechnoServe works with women and men across rural India to:

Strengthen value chains: We work closely with smallholder farmers to enable them to grow high-value products, engage with private-sector companies and sell in profitable markets.

Foster entrepreneurship in poor communities: We provide business training and skills development support to women and men who want to create thriving, sustainable enterprises.

Support sustainable local economic development: Our market-led approach increases incomes for target groups, while also catalyzing economic and social development for the whole community.

Promote gender-inclusive communities: We integrate a gender lens throughout our programs and provide tailored support for women to expand their opportunities for sustainable livelihoods.

On The Ground



National Rural Livelihoods Promotion

TechnoServe is a designated Technical Support Agency for the National Rural Livelihoods Promotion Society (NRLPS) with the mandate to set up Value Chain Support Cells (VCSC) for the sustainable development of the Agriculture and Allied, Livestock, and Non-timber Forest Products value chains. These VCSC will create market linkages and provide technical assistance, capacity-building services and handholding support to State Rural Livelihood Missions (SRLMs) working in these sectors, with the objective of creating profitable, bankable, and self-sustaining commodity chains.



Creating Empowerment and Employment for Mumbai Youth

TechnoServe received the Citi Foundation's 2016 India Innovation Grant for the Creating Employment and Empowerment through Youth Development (CREEYD) project. The partnership will train and prepare 1,250 youth from underprivileged backgrounds in Mumbai towards improved career trajectories. Many college students from underprivileged backgrounds face significant challenges in securing formal sector employment due to a lack of critical skills in addition to inadequate job placement and counselling facilities. TechnoServe’s structured intervention model makes the entire suite of employability services available to students through Career Centers within college premises, implementing deep engagement with students and effective outreach.


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Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in Bangalore

TechnoServe is working on a business accelerator program for women entrepreneurs in Bangalore in partnership with Intuit, a global business and financial management software company. Intuit’s flagship product QuickBooks is the world’s number one accounting software for entrepreneurs and small businesses. The accelerator program, initially planned for twelve months, is aimed at 20 growth-constrained, women-led, revenue earning small businesses. These 20 women entrepreneurs will be pre-screened prior to selection. The program aims to help scale up the businesses of these participating women entrepreneurs, who will undergo business and financial management training and will also receive access to a business advisory council and mentors.



Improving Smallholder Livelihoods in Madhya Pradesh

TechnoServe is working with five Farmer Producer Companies (FPCs) in the districts of Guna, Narsinghpur, Vidisha, Sheopur and Dindori in Madhya Pradesh in the wheat and maize value chains, helping to build them into sustainable businesses that work to the benefit of their member farmers. The project is focused on deepening smallholder farmer member engagement through targeted agronomic training to wheat and maize farmers through the FPCs, and improving wheat and maize smallholder farmers' access to various value-added services such as rent-based mechanization, access to seeds, milling, etc. The project is supporting more than 3,000 smallholder farmers by providing agronomy trainings and by helping access to value added inputs and services channels through FPCs. At least 30 percent of project beneficiaries are women farmers.


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Sustainable Guar Initiative

TechnoServe is demonstrating and refining scalable actions for inclusive, sustainable growth and competitiveness of the guar market system in India. Through this program, TechnoServe aims to achieve a 25 percent increase in guar farming revenues for participating households. Furthermore, it is expected that the proposed groundwater-neutral best practices will also lead to greater environmental awareness in the region. This will increase the level and sustainability of the livelihood enhancements achieved under the program.


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Improving Livelihoods of Smallholder Farming Households in Karnataka

TechnoServe is implementing a livelihoods support program for 5,000 smallholder farming households in the Davangere district of Karnataka. Key elements of the intervention are: agriculture development and diversification; livelihood opportunities developed for youth from farming households through the Agri Fellow Program; economic empowerment opportunities for women from farming households.





Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in Mumbai

This program targets growth-constrained, women-led small and microenterprises, operating in the unorganized or informal sector in the Mumbai urban area. Potential enterprises would have an annual turnover exceeding $10,000, with a significant number expected to be operating in the social and services sectors. The program includes training of women entrepreneurs selected through a screening process, and a business advisory program including mentoring support for identified women most positioned to scale up their businesses.

Women’s Farmer Producer Groups in Bihar

This program, Women’s Advancement in Rural Development and Agriculture (WARDA), is being implemented with the World Bank-funded Bihar Transformative Development Project in close coordination with JEEViKA (under the aegis of the Government of Bihar). WARDA develops approaches for lifting women smallholder farmers out of poverty through market-led Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs). The program provides technical assistance to producer groups and facilitates producer group formation with the aim of empowering rural women and improving their lives and communities.


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Sharing Agricultural Innovation Between India and Africa

Feed the Future India-Africa Agriculture and Natural Resource Management Innovation Sharing Platform is a unique South-South collaboration that aims to build, demonstrate and test a scalable model of transferring agricultural innovations from India to Africa. The. U.S. Agency for International Development has identified Kenya and Malawi as the initial countries for the pilot, testing the mechanism of transferring low-cost innovations developed by India’s farmers over the last two decades. To develop and test the model, TechnoServe’s project team will transfer and pilot five agricultural innovations with the aim of scaling and institutionalizing the transfer process. It will also demonstrate the scalability of at least three Indian agricultural innovations that strengthen value chains in Malawi and Kenya.



Strengthening the Dairy Value Chain

India is the world’s largest producer of dairy products, but the industry faces a variety of challenges. Abbott Nutrition is in the process of opening new supply chains in India to meet growing demand. This project aims to improve the quantity and quality of milk available while improving farmer livelihoods and income. TechnoServe has undertaken an intensive study of the local dairy value chain and is guiding the location of collection centers and route plans to maximize efficiency.



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