Creating Empowerment and Employment for Mumbai Youth

TechnoServe's Creating Employment and Empowerment through Youth Development project is working to train 1,250 youth from underprivileged backgrounds for formal employment through critical skills training and other employability services in Mumbai.

TechnoServe’s Youth Employability program began in 2015, and is being implemented across urban hubs in partnership with various private donors committed to the cause of youth employability and skills development. The program enables youth empowerment by delivering a hands-on, interactive blend of skills training, career counseling, and corporate linkages, to facilitate better income prospects and respectable livelihoods for youth living in the slums of Mumbai.

The underlying objective of the program is to enable these youth to build a growth mind-set, acquire leadership, financial and workplace skills, and begin to engage in the formal economy through their first job. The program is designed to address the key challenges faced by high performing college attending/college educated youth living in slums, and unlock their economic potential by helping them secure gainful employment. Over the last three years, the program has trained ~3000 youth living in slums. In 2018-19, the program aims to train an additional 5,000 youth, across ~50 College Centres in Mumbai, with a target placement rate of at least 70 percent.