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Where We Work

TechnoServe’s origin traces back to the village of Adidome, Ghana. We have expanded through the years, but our focus remains on the developing world because that’s where we can make the greatest impact on global poverty. We work in low-income communities in 30 countries throughout Africa, Latin America, and Asia.

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Home to many of the world’s fastest growing economies, Africa is poised for unprecedented opportunity and prosperity. Yet with half of the continent’s people still living below the poverty line, a dramatically expanding youth population and crop yields that have remained stagnant for decades, Africa also faces a host of unique challenges. TechnoServe has nearly 50 years of experience across 20 African countries, working with public and private partners to catalyze broad-based economic growth through agricultural and enterprise development.

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Latin America and the Caribbean

Although Latin American and Caribbean countries continue to experience high levels of inequality and public security concerns, the region has seen robust economic growth in recent years. The region’s poverty rate is at its lowest level in three decades, but sustained economic growth depends on increased productivity and innovation. TechnoServe has implemented agricultural and enterprise development programs in the region since 1969, working with local, regional and multinational partners to strengthen sustainable farms, businesses and industries.

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TechnoServe works in India, a country that has experienced tremendous recent growth but still struggles with significant development challenges. Despite an economic boom fueled by information technology and the services industry, roughly 73 million people still live in extreme poverty, with about two thirds of the population living in rural areas. TechnoServe works with women and men across India to strengthen sustainable value chains; foster entrepreneurship and employable skills in poor communities; and promote gender-inclusive economic development.

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