Growing Prosperity in a Greenhouse

As more young people in rural East Africa turn to agriculture, STRYDE participants are modernizing farming operations for a more prosperous future. Learn More

TechnoServe Celebrates 50th Anniversary

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Protecting Our Planet Through Coffee Value Chains

We are working with Nespresso to build a sustainable and prosperous coffee sector. Learn More

Mobile Savings for Lasting Women-led Businesses

Women entrepreneurs are overcoming barriers to their business success with mobile savings. Learn More

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Breaking the Employment Barrier for Mumbai Youth

When underprivileged youth have access to the skills and opportunity to break into formal-sector employment, benefits spread to their families and communities.

July 03, 2018

Women Entrepreneurs Face Unique Challenges

In June, TechnoServe convened a panel of women entrepreneurs to discuss ways to build success for women in business, from Silicon Valley to Kenya.

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June 29, 2018

From Evidence to Action: Measuring Impact to Improve Development Decisions

In June, TechnoServe and the Center for Global Development convened a public event to discuss key questions affecting billions of aid dollars and the ability of development initiatives to deliver on our missions: How do we translate our data into better prospects for the world’s poor?

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June 21, 2018

Eyes in the Sky: How Drones and Satellites Can Transform African Agriculture

What if every farmer knew exactly what each of her plants needed—the amount of water, the quantity and formula of fertilizer, the type of pesticide—at any given moment? This is the promise of precision agriculture, in which micro-level data is gathered by drones or satellites and used to enhance decision-making on the farm.

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