Pledge to Fortify Nigeria's Future

Business and government leaders gathered to pledge their commitment to Nigeria's food fortification efforts. Learn More

Insights & Impact: 2017 Annual Report

We share our achievements from this year, and lessons learned, in our 2017 Annual Report. Learn More

Growing Prosperity in a Greenhouse

As more young people in rural East Africa turn to agriculture, STRYDE participants are modernizing farming operations for a more prosperous future. Learn More

TechnoServe Celebrates 50th Anniversary

We proudly celebrate 50 years of impact and millions of lives transformed through the power of private enterprise. Learn More

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A nonprofit organization operating in 29 countries, TechnoServe is a leader in harnessing the power of the private sector to help people lift themselves out of poverty. By linking people to information, capital and markets, we have helped millions to create lasting prosperity for their families and communities.

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Market Linkages and Value Chain Interventions Bring Hope to India’s Remote Communities

In India, Technoserve is working in remote villages to directly connect them with formal markets for the first time, creating a sustainable, prosperous value chain for indigenous non-timber forest products.

August 01, 2018

Pledge to Fortify Nigeria’s Future

Business and government leaders gathered in Lagos, Nigeria, to pledge their commitment to improve the country’s nutrition, health, and economic development through food fortification.

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July 26, 2018

From Produce to Profits: How Mobile Technology Is Strengthening the Livelihoods of Spinach Growers

In East Africa, TechnoServe is testing innovative models for creating a profitable agribusiness that builds wealth in small farming communities. For smallholder farmers in Kenya, an out-grower model integrating information and communication technology has the potential to double their incomes.

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July 18, 2018

Insights & Impact: TechnoServe’s 2017 Annual Report

With your support, TechnoServe made a difference in the lives of 2.3 million people last year. Our annual report shares achievements from 2017, as well as lessons learned, in order to catalyze more effective change in the future.

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