Making a Lasting Impact: Q&A with Rob Johnson, Former TechnoServe Fellow and Social Enterprise Entrepreneur

Rob Johnson is a former TechnoServe Fellow who worked in Haiti in 2011 performing a poultry value chain assessment. After his time as a Fellow, Rob returned to serve as a program manager in the TechnoServe Haiti Office. He then launched a social enterprise in Haiti called Acceso, which works to improve smallholder farmer income through inclusive value chains. In this Q&A, Rob shares how TechnoServe played a foundational role in his life and social enterprise career.

The Fruits of Women’s Empowerment

By Daniella De Franco and Isaac Gardner Like many women in Desvarieux, Haiti, Nadege Gabriel works hard to make ends meet. In a rural economy burdened by instability and poor market infrastructure, she struggles to maintain a steady income and worries about how to keep her young son…