Julieta Ocampo

Women Transforming El Salvador Through Recycling: Claudia’s “La Vaquerita” Journey

Explore Claudia "La Vaquerita" Alvarado's story in El Salvador, where her recycling initiative fuels the local circular economy, improving solid waste management issues and promoting job creation. Through La Vaquerita, Claudia increases environmental sustainability and provides employment, an important combination for economic growth.

Creating Youth Opportunities In El Salvador: Entrepreneurship, Job Creation, & Women’s Employment

Discover the journey of Gabi Garcia, the manager at Cochecito, a baby clothing boutique in San Salvador. Her experience highlights how small businesses are a lifeline for many young Salvadorians facing limited job opportunities. Through a TechnoServe program creating youth opportunities, small businesses like Cochecito are creating jobs, strengthening communities, and ensuring a brighter future for youth and women in El Salvador.