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TechnoServe's April 2024 Photo of the Month features clients' stories championing the environment while building better livelihoods.

TechnoServe’s April 2024 Photo of the Month features clients’ stories championing the environment while building better livelihoods. This month, we introduce you to the stories of individuals in Ethiopia, Malawi, and Mexico whose efforts support their economic future and foster environmental sustainability. 

Discover three examples of environmental initiatives led by TechnoServe’s clients, then vote for your favorite photo. 

Halima’s Work for the Environment and Against Pollution in Addis Ababa

Halima Awol standing at her collection center in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. (TechnoServe)

In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital and home to 5.2 million people, the amount of solid waste generated by the city’s growing population is increasing by 5% every year, risking waterways and natural resources contamination.

Once a tailor, Halima joined forces with seven women to establish the Aman and Halima Recycling Association. The journey was challenging initially, and the team grappled with restrictive societal roles and perceptions about women working in waste management. 

However, with TechnoServe’s guidance, Halima’s business has thrived. She now partners with recycling firms, schools, and public entities for efficient waste collection. The association is a reputable business working with over 400 individual collectors, securing a stable income for Halima and her team. “I can now sustain my family,” she shared with pride.

Read more about Halima’s journey.

Victoria’s Part in Lake Malawi’s Revival

Victoria Mwafulirwa describes how refining her business can help replicate interventions in other lakeside communities.

Malawi is one of the countries in Africa with the highest dependency on fish as a source of protein. The increase in population—estimated at 19.7 million today—has resulted in overfishing in the lake. The lack of alternative sources of income for sustainable livelihoods has threatened the health and biodiversity of Lake Malawi.

Victoria Mwafulirwa is the founder and leader of Homes Industries, a for-profit business driven by a social and environmental cause. The company works with communities in the northwestern region of Karonga, a commercial center for local agricultural produce, to help them diversify their livelihoods and protect Lake Malawi’s resources, allowing it to recover from overfishing and degradation.

Victoria’s focus on moringa cultivation provides an alternative income and supports the conservation of the lake’s delicate ecosystem.

Learn more about Victoria’s story. 

José’s Path to Climate Resilience

José García Martínez standing among rows of strawberries on his farm in Michoacan, Mexico.

Mexico is already suffering from the impacts of climate change. Rising sea levels, increased temperatures, drought, and landslides are affecting many vulnerable communities throughout the country.

José García Martínez, a strawberry farmer from Michoacán, was initially skeptical about implementing the regenerative agricultural practices TechnoServe promoted in his community. 

His hesitations quickly turned to confidence upon witnessing the benefits of the practices he was learning. He learned proper worksite sanitation, organic composting techniques, and environmentally friendly pest management, such as using glue and vinegar traps. He previously bought products like pesticides, which agrochemical sellers recommended, and sometimes he mistakenly applied products that the formal buyers prohibited.

José’s adoption of regenerative farming practices and pest control has significantly improved his farm’s output, ensuring a healthier product and a reliable income. 

Discover more about José’s transformation.

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We hope you enjoyed learning about the powerful synergy between improving livelihoods and caring for our planet. Through initiatives that boost climate resilience, TechnoServe’s clients are finding a way forward where economic development and environmental sustainability go hand in hand.

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