Photo of the Week: Fresh Sales for Vegetable Farmers

August 21, 2014

TechnoServe is helping South African vegetable farmers connect to new markets and improve their livelihoods.

Jamela Mogodi started growing vegetables on her family farm in Limpopo, South Africa, five years ago in response to increasing demand for fresh produce. Her daily summer harvest of five to 10 crates sold well locally, but she knew there was a larger market typically out of reach for small-scale farmers.

In 2012 Jamela was selected for the Direct Farm pilot program, a partnership between TechnoServe and Massmart, one of South Africa’s leading retailers. Through TechnoServe’s training, Jamela developed her business skills and learned best practices for irrigation, plant protection and post-harvest handling. By the end of the year, Jamela’s farm was a thriving business employing 13 permanent workers and producing up to 350 crates of vegetables a day to be sold at Massmart stores.

TechnoServe works in 30 countries to strenghten market systems so that smallholders like Jamela can sustainably grow their incomes.

View our Annual Report to see how we helped farmers increase revenues by nearly $32 million last year.