Empowering Shopkeepers in Times of Crisis

In Kenya, the coronavirus pandemic is presenting new challenges for shopkeepers who must continue supplying their customers with essential goods, even amidst a global crisis. We talked to Alice Waweru, TechnoServe’s entrepreneurship regional program manager, about the challenges these micro-retailers are facing and what TechnoServe is doing to help.

How to Support Entrepreneurs in the Time of Coronavirus

As the novel coronavirus COVID-19 spreads around the world, it is having a devastating economic impact. TechnoServe’s work developing capacity and building ecosystems to support entrepreneurs in countries across Latin America, Africa, and South Asia yields important lessons for today’s businesses struggling to withstand the crisis.

How Entrepreneurs in Chile are Confronting Crisis

In Chile, the coronavirus pandemic is threatening the survival of many micro and small businesses. We talked to Corina Rivas, TechnoServe’s Chile country director, about the “very hard” situation on the ground, and how TechnoServe is helping entrepreneurs “reset” their businesses to survive.