TerraTrac: Ensuring EUDR Compliance for Smallholder Farmers

Track and share farm geolocation data for EUDR compliance

TechnoServe Labs has developed TerraTrac, a free Android app to assist coffee and cocoa farmers in meeting the European Union Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) requirements. TerraTrac allows users to geolocate farms, map boundaries, and validate that farms are not in deforested areas, ensuring compliance with the new regulations set to be enforced starting in 2025.

Why TerraTrac is important

The EUDR will impact millions of smallholder producers globally, particularly in the coffee and cocoa sectors. Compliance requires proof that products were produced on land not deforested after December 31, 2020. Without robust traceability systems, smallholders risk losing access to the EU market, leading to lower demand and prices. TerraTrac is designed to support smallholders by providing the necessary tools to meet these stringent requirements.

Features of TerraTrac

Geolocation and Mapping:

  • Captures farm latitude and longitude for farms smaller than 4 hectares.
  • Maps farm boundaries (polygons) for farms larger than 4 hectares.
  • Stores data locally on the Android device in CSV format, with offline functionality.
  • Allows users to share geolocation data with downstream buyers via email or messaging apps.

Web Validation:

  • A web application is under development and will be released in July or August 2024, enabling cooperatives and exporters to upload a list of farms and confirm that they are not in deforested areas.
  • Built on the FAO Whisp project for deforestation validation with a planned roadmap to reference the Linux AgStack GeoID API to reduce redundant mapping of the same farm plots.

Open source collaboration

TechnoServe Labs is committed to creating open-source, pre-competitive solutions to accelerate adoption of common standards and ensure interoperability. By working with the Linux AgStack Foundation and other partners, we aim to build a community that supports smallholder farmers in achieving EUDR compliance.

Join the TerraTrac Community

TechnoServe is actively seeking partners to help field test TerraTrac, provide feedback, and support the development of training materials. By contributing to the TerraTrac project, you will be part of a collaborative effort to preserve the livelihoods of millions of smallholder farmers while ensuring compliance with vital environmental regulations.

Click here to download and use TerraTrac for free from the Google Play store.

Next Steps

TechnoServe continues to field test TerraTrac in East Africa and Latin America, incorporating feedback to improve usability and functionality. We are also building a coalition of coffee buyers, software developers, NGOs, and other stakeholders to create a sustainable, open-source ecosystem for EUDR compliance.

Together, with the leadership of major coffee traders, support from TechnoServe, and the Linux Foundation’s experience in building pre-competitive solutions, we can meet the EUDR compliance challenge and safeguard the future of smallholder farmers.