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Fintech Solutions

Improving access to finance (A2F) is a core element of TechnoServe’s approach to increase incomes for our clients.

A framework for fintech solutions

Financial training is the foundation of A2F solutions – two-thirds of TechnoServe programs have a financial training component.

Read more about our framework and approach for integrating fintech
solutions in our work in our paper – “Financial Technology Solutions for TechnoServe Programs

84% of TechnoServe programs include a programmatic element providing access to finance, and 

46% have implemented a financial solution enabled by technology. 

Credit and savings are also important for our beneficiaries. The BeninCajù team piloted the DreamSave app to digitize the financial records of 40 Savings and Internal Lending Clubs (SILCs), also known as Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLAs).

TechnoServe is implementing DreamSave in programs in Benin and Uganda, and considering further rollouts in other countries.

Read more about our pilot in the “Digitizing BeninCajù Savings Groups Pilot Project Report