Our Work

Targeted business applications

We don’t like to reinvent, and we prefer to use proven applications and technologies wherever we can.

But in some cases, program or beneficiary needs require simple, practical solutions that are not available yet.

Labs helps TechnoServe programs develop targeted business applications for our clients.

Labs uses agile development methodologies, supervising both internal development resources around the world and third party software developers.

We have endorsed the Principles for Digital Development. All of our source code is hosted on the TechnoServe github repository in order to encourage use by other NGOs and incorporation into private sector solutions.

Technoserve Labs is committed to developing aggregated, anonymized data, such as our cashew plantation data set in the Radiant MLHub earth imagery machine learning data library, for use by research institutions.


To standardize and improve the accuracy of cashew quality testing, TechnoServe Labs developed a free Android App to record, store and share field quality measurements of raw cashew nuts (RCN) using the kernel outturn ratio (KOR) calculation.



BeninBiz in Benin worked with Technoserve Labs and Epitech to develop the MonCoach Android application to help micro-entrepreneurs with simple accounting and financial management tasks, allowing them to analyze stock levels, sales and profitability.


Coffee Cherry Quality App (Cherie)

Technoserve Labs built a standalone (offline!) Android application that uses machine learning technology to assess the mix of ripe, partially ripe, unripe and overripe coffee cherries.