Womens Econ Empowerment

In Benin, Hairdressing Offers New Opportunities for Women Entrepreneurs

When Virginie Adounon first opened her beauty salon in Bohicon, Benin, she was not keeping track of her sales or giving herself a salary, and she could not save up enough money to make necessary upgrades to her shop. After joining a TechnoServe program called BeniBiz, she gained the skills she needed to run a profitable business.

Creating Youth Opportunities In El Salvador: Entrepreneurship, Job Creation, & Women’s Employment

Discover the journey of Gabi Garcia, the manager at Cochecito, a baby clothing boutique in San Salvador. Her experience highlights how small businesses are a lifeline for many young Salvadorians facing limited job opportunities. Through a TechnoServe program creating youth opportunities, small businesses like Cochecito are creating jobs, strengthening communities, and ensuring a brighter future for youth and women in El Salvador.

The second phase of the WIN program (WIN 2.0) began with a Market System Assessment inception and analysis activities in the north and south of Mozambique

The second phase of the WIN program, which has been underway since July of this year, is beginning to take its first steps towards achieving the primary objective of economic empowerment of low-income women, by identifying, catalyzing and expanding innovative solutions, with the ultimate aim of benefiting low-income women, mostly…

LIWAY program participants sorting recyclables, promoting environmental sustainability in Ethiopia

Livelihoods Improvement for Women and Youth (LIWAY)

The Ethiopia LIWAY program is a nine-year initiative implemented by TechnoServe alongside a consortium of partners. The program is funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN). It is working to create a more sustainable and inclusive job market for women and the youth.

Environmental Sustainability, Women's Economic Empowerment, Youth Economic Opportunity
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency Sida

14 Empowering and Inspiring Books from TechnoServe Readers

If you’re looking for a good book recommendation, look no further! This selection of fiction and nonfiction has been reviewed by TechnoServe readers from around the world. You’ll find thought-provoking books like “Hunger” that connect directly to our mission of ending poverty. There is fiction from authors like Jonathan Escoffery…