A Lasting Impact: TechnoServe’s 2021 Annual Report

Despite continuing global uncertainty, thousands of people who worked with TechnoServe last year succeeded in improving their incomes and their lives. Our 2021 annual report highlights our impact across sectors and regions last year, and shares how our clients overcame climate threats, gender barriers, and an ongoing pandemic to build a better future for their families.

Cost-Effective Impact Spotlight: Youth Employment in India

In a world with significant poverty but limited resources, how can we ensure that each development dollar achieves as much impact as possible? The question of cost-effectiveness is one of the central challenges of international development, and part of the reason that TechnoServe measures and publishes the income gains its clients achieve, per every program dollar spent. In this series, we highlight the lessons gained from TechnoServe’s most cost-effective programs around the world and examine how even programs with lower returns on investment can yield important insights in the quest to reduce global poverty.