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14 Empowering and Inspiring Books from TechnoServe Readers

If you’re looking for a good book recommendation, look no further! This selection of fiction and nonfiction has been reviewed by TechnoServe readers from around the world. You’ll find thought-provoking books like “Hunger” that connect directly to our mission of ending poverty. There is fiction from authors like Jonathan Escoffery…

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Sarah LaFleur’s Journey from TechnoServe Fellow to M.M.LaFleur Founder

Editor’s Note: Originally posted on December 7, 2017 under the title, “Just Get Up and Do Something” – Updated version published on July 20, 2023 under the new title, “Sarah LaFleur’s Journey from TechnoServe Fellow to M.M.LaFleur Founder” Sarah LaFleur, a TechnoServe Fellow in South…

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A woman feeds her daughter in the Rayagada district of Odisha, India. Photo Credit- Rohit Jain

Why Nutrition is Critical to COVID-19 Response and Recovery | Feed the Future

This article discusses the importance of fostering entrepreneurship in developing countries and how it can lead to economic growth and poverty reduction. We will explore the benefits of supporting local entrepreneurs, providing access to capital and business training, and promoting gender equity in entrepreneurship. This post was originally published on…

Food Security
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