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Bill Clinton announced the launch of a supply chain enterprise in Haiti

Haiti Libre reports on a partnership between the Clinton Foundation, the Abbot Fund, TechnoServe and others to improve the livelihoods of 12,000 smallholder peanut farmers in Haiti.

$25.5 million generated through TechnoServe’s SWEEP

The Swazi Observer interviews Debbie Cutting about the success of the Swaziland Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Program, which supported 344 enterprises and delivered training to nearly 13,000 youth.

The Next Breadbasket

A striking feature from National Geographic explores the future of farming in sub-Saharan Africa and quotes TechnoServe business adviser Anacleto Saint Mart about land grabbing.

A Guide To Working With Informal Financial Institutions

In an article for Business Fights Poverty, Jane Abramovich and Matthew Forester explore how to address the gap between supply and demand in agricultural finance.

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Photo of the Week: Showcasing Peru’s Finest Chocolate

Peruvian entrepreneurs from the San Martín region proudly presented their cocoa products at Latin America’s largest food festival.

September 11, 2014

Photo of the Week: Frontiers in Development

We're honored to be featured as a top 5 winner in USAID's Frontiers in Development photo contest for photographer Kevin Ouma's striking image of a Maasai woman preparing to milk her cows in the pre-dawn chill.

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September 05, 2014

Video: Reviving the Coffee Culture in South Sudan

Nespresso and TechnoServe are partnering in South Sudan to build a coffee industry that could provide a sustainable source of income for thousands of rural families.

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August 27, 2014

Scaling Up Coffee Sustainability in East Africa

TechnoServe and Nespresso are expanding their partnership to support coffee farming families in Kenya, Ethiopia and South Sudan.

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