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Giving Nicaragua’s Sorghum Farmers A Boost | Forbes

This article highlights a partnership between TechnoServe and Cargill to support Nicaraguan sorghum farmers with technical assistance and access to improved seeds.

Here’s How the World’s Largest Companies Can Be a Huge Help to Africa’s farmers | Business Insider

TechnoServe's Dickson Mbando shows how a partnership with The Coca-Cola Company and the Gates Foundation has supported thousands of fruit farmers in East Africa. 

How Access to Long-Established Technology Can Help Feed Growing Cities | The Chicago Council on Global Affairs

Macani Toungara explains how TechnoServe is helping Nigerian farmers by improving their access to a basic tool: tractors.

World’s Most Oil-Dependent Country Looks to Coffee | ABC News

TechnoServe's alliance with USAID and Nespresso to support South Sudanese coffee farmers wins praise from experts.

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A Road to Progress in Mozambique

A fruit farm in Nampula Province uses capital from an agribusiness fund to improve its farm and benefit their community at the same time.

May 19, 2016

Cooking Up Change in Chile

Cesar and Priscilla Díaz have launched a successful catering business in a small town in Chile with the help of the EMERGE program, an Anglo American-TechnoServe collaboration.

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May 12, 2016

Ripe Opportunities in Rural Rwanda

Agriculture for Impact recently visited STRYDE participants in Northern Rwanda who are demonstrating that agriculture can improve livelihoods for youth.

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May 05, 2016

Rebuilding in Rwanda: The Power of a Mother’s Love

Athanasie, a returned refugee, has worked hard to create a healthy and prosperous future for her family in Rwanda – one coffee tree at a time.

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