“COP28 is behind us, it’s time to move from talk to action,” TechnoServe CEO

Photo by COP28- Christopher Pike

ARLINGTON, VA (December 18, 2023)  – The following statement was issued by TechnoServe’s CEO Will Warshauer as a reaction to the outcomes of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) that recently concluded:

“For the first time, the UN Climate Change Conference included food systems–albeit inadequately–in commitments to fulfill the Paris Agreement but it won’t result in positive change for farmers, consumers, or the planet unless words are matched by action. 

“Despite high hopes for COP28, the ‘Food COP’ fell short on delivering clear pathways to transform agri-food systems. The final global stocktake makes just two mentions of food systems and one of agriculture, none in the context of mitigation. While it appears as a key theme in under adaptation, it lacks a framework for adaptation progress and clear language around how to close the mitigation-adaptation finance gap

“There is a lot that can, and must, be done to transform agri-food systems, a sector that is responsible for a third of global emissions. It begins with smallholder farmers and entrepreneurs around the world, who were grossly underrepresented in Dubai. Fewer than 200 farmers attended the meeting, compared to over 2,400 fossil fuel lobbyists. 

“Climate change is already a harsh and unpredictable reality for millions of farmers who are trying to escape poverty and build a better future. TechnoServe believes there is no alternative but to work from the ground up with farmers to scale regenerative agriculture and fix our food systems. 

We welcome the long overdue signal on the end of the fossil fuel era, along with the commitments made to finance the loss and damage fund during the meeting. TechnoServe also commends the strong message sent by the private sector urging governments to phase out fossil fuels.

“COP28 is behind us, the future lies ahead. The private sector and philanthropies that are already pivoting from ‘what’ to ‘how.’ We need policy makers and public funders now need to move from talk to action too. 

“TechnoServe remains a ready partner for this work because sustainably feeding the world well into the future and putting an end to poverty is inextricably linked to tackling the climate crisis. ”


Will Warshauer is available for media inquiries upon request. 


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