One of Africa's most densely populated and least urbanized countries, Rwanda has few natural resources and minimal industry. Hundreds of thousands of Rwandans died in the tragic civil war and genocide of the 1990s, and the country's economy was destroyed. But in recent years, hope and opportunity are beginning to replace despair and poverty.

TechnoServe has been in Rwanda since 2007 and has implemented numerous interventions across the country. We are working with farmers in the coffee and dairy sectors, with orphans in the pineapple sector, and with young people on entrepreneurship to improve the quality of their products and services, equip them to access more lucrative markets, and help them attain a higher standard of living for themselves, their families and their communities.


TechnoServe Rwanda has organized four major projects across a diverse array of sectors and in key areas such as rural youth-led enterprise development. Through these initiatives, TechnoServe has helped nearly 60,000 direct beneficiaries increase their incomes and improve their livelihoods.


Brewing Good

Our Coffee Initiative is helping East African farmers to build better lives, one coffee bean at a time.

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On The Ground



Strengthening Rural Youth Development through Enterprise

TechnoServe is partnering with The MasterCard Foundation to help rural young women and men in East Africa transition to economic independence. The Strengthening Rural Youth Development through Enterprise (STRYDE) program delivers a comprehensive package of services including skills training, business development and mentoring to young people ages 18 to 30 in Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda.
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East Africa Dairy Development

The East Africa Dairy Development (EADD) program is designed to boost the milk yields and incomes of small-scale farmers so they can lift their families and communities out of poverty. Funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and implemented in partnership with Heifer International, the second phase of EADD aims to help 136,000 smallholder farming families in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania sustainably improve their livelihoods by 2018, while stimulating income growth for an additional 400,000 secondary beneficiaries.
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Transforming the Coffee Sector

Now in its second four-year phase, the Coffee Initiative aims to significantly boost Rwanda coffee farmers’ incomes while raising yields and quality. TechnoServe business advisors work with farmers to improve growing and processing practices as well as build new wet mill businesses that produce some of Rwanda’s finest specialty coffee. In addition, TechnoServe’s Coffee Farm College in Rwanda is training farmers on sustainable agricultural practices that have been known to triple their yields. To date, 46 wet mills have been supported and 32,000 coffee farmers assisted with a 52 percent increase in overall yields.



Boosting Incomes of Orphan Pineapple Farmers

TechnoServe is currently implementing a one-year pilot, the Icyerekezo Project, to address farmer associations’ pineapple production challenges in the Rwamagana district. The project targets approximately 60 genocide and/or HIV positive orphan farmers, ages 15 to 25, involved in pineapple production. To increase their incomes and improve their livelihoods, TechnoServe will provide trainings to build the business and organization management capacity of existing farmer associations, upgrade them to commercially-focused cooperatives and link them to essential pineapple agro-processors, traders and input suppliers.



Supporting Rural Women

In 2010, TechnoServe piloted business training for marginalized and socially excluded women in rural areas to supplement Women for Women International’s life skills support program. The training was offered to 200 high-potential women beneficiaries who represent more than 6,000 cooperative members. It focused on how to form and lead successful and legitimate cooperatives and launch and manage sustainable, competitive businesses.



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Promoting Transparency and Growth in the Coffee Industry

Mobile technologies help coffee cooperatives access finance and create opportunities for farmers.

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June 20, 2013

Video: A Coffee Farmer’s Journey from Refugee Camp to Prosperity

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