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Kenya’s economy, the largest in East Africa, has witnessed a period of recent stability, with increased credit access to the private sector, investment in infrastructure, and growth in key sectors such as tourism, renewable energy, and information and communication technology (ICT).

35% of Kenyans live on less than a dollar per day.

At the same time, unemployment and poverty rates remain high, with 35 percent of Kenyans living on less than a dollar per day, and food insecurity looms large due to poor farming methods and vulnerability to drought. TechnoServe, which has operated in Kenya since 1973, is well-positioned to address these challenges and contribute to the realization of the country’s aspirations through market-led approaches. Currently, TechnoServe is focusing on livestock, coffee, horticulture, food processing and entrepreneurship development, with an emphasis on engaging youth and women.


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Smart Duka: Empowering Shopkeepers in Nairobi

The Smart Duka program is working with enterprising shop owners in Nairobi’s informal settlements to increase the profitability of their small retail businesses. A partnership between TechnoServe, the elea Foundation and Citi Foundation, Smart Duka is equipping shop owners with the business knowledge and management skills they need to optimize their stores’ operations and financial performance.

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Agriculture Projects in Kenya

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Entrepreneurship Projects in Kenya

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Innovation in Outcome Measurement (IOM) Final Report

Evidence Driving Transformation of Smallholder Agriculture: The final report for TechnoServe’s IOM initiative details the innovative models piloted under four programs as well as lessons learned.

Food Processing in Sub-Saharan Africa

This final report explores five years of impact through the Solutions for African Food Enterprises (SAFE), a public-private partnership between TechnoServe, Partners in Food Solutions and the United States Agency for International Development that aimed to increase the competitiveness of the African food processing sector and expand the availability of…

IOM: Smallholder Farmers Translating Produce to Profits

In this case study, TechnoServe’s Innovations in Outcome Measurement (IOM) initiative explores innovative models for creating a profitable agribusiness that builds wealth in small farming communities of East Africa…

Scalable Alternatives to Inorganic Fertiliser in Kenya

This study from the CASA TAF program provides an overview of the Kenyan alternative-fertilizer sector and characterizes the state of organic fertilizer production in the country, defining its growth potential, identifying blockers to scale, and providing recommendations to address them. There is a confluence of short-term and…

The “One-Click” Small Business Solution

TechnoServe is partnering with Okta to develop a bundled tech, or “one-click” platform, that will enable small business owners in low-income countries to seamlessly manage their operations and improve their enterprises.

Survey: COVID-19 Challenges and Responses for African Food Processors, Second Edition

A survey of food processing firms in seven African countries reveals the challenges facing the sector during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Survey Results: Impact of COVID-19 on Micro-Retail Businesses

Read the results from TechnoServe's survey of 337 micro-retail program participants about the impact COVID-19 has had on their businesses.

Survey: Africa’s Food Processors in the Face of COVID-19

TechnoServe surveyed 106 food processors, representing seven countries in Africa, on the impact of COVID-19 on their operations. This survey presents our findings.

Challenges and Responses for Africa’s Food Processors Facing COVID-19

TechnoServe offers a guide on the challenges and responses facing food processors during the COVID-19 pandemic, based on a survey of 106 food processors from seven African countries.

Smart Duka: Lessons Learnt in Developing Kenya’s Micro Retail Sector

This case study summarizes the key learnings from the Smart Duka partnership, which has strengthened the micro-retail sector in Kenya.

Smart Duka: The Story of Developing Kenya’s Micro Retail Sector

The Smart Duka partnership has worked to improve the livelihoods of women and men who own and operate essential micro-retail outlets. This case study highlights the progress and impact of the program.

Coffee Initiative II Impact Audit Report from ImpactMatters

In 2017, TechnoServe engaged ImpactMatters, an impact audit firm founded with support from Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA), to review several projects within our portfolio. This impact audit reviews the second phase of the Coffee Initiative, C.I. II, which was implemented by TechnoServe from 2012 to 2016 in Ethiopia, Kenya,…

TechnoServe Buymore Digital Pilot Case Study

TechnoServe Initiative for Inclusive Agricultural Business Models: Syngenta

Case study documenting how TechnoServe and Syngenta are addressing barriers to adoption of high-quality agricultural inputs among Kenyan potato and tomato smallholder farmers.

Case Study: The Transformation of the Fodder Market in Kenya

How TechnoServe’s Kenya Market Assistance Program (MAP) spurred widespread change in the commercial fodder market for dairy cattle.

Case Study: Connected Farmer Alliance

Assessing the impact of a commercial mobile agriculture (mAgri) solution that benefits both agribusinesses and smallholder farmers.

Project Nurture: Partnering for Business Opportunity and Development Impact

Prepared by the Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative at Harvard Kennedy School, this report examines how Project Nurture demonstrates the potential for building sustainable and inclusive value chains through cross-sector partnerships.

Enterprising Girls Making a Difference: Young Women in Enterprise

The Young Women in Enterprise report highlights accomplishments and case studies from the program, funded by the Nike Foundation.