OYE Program (Soya component)


The Soya component of OYE is a local economic development program being implemented by TechnoServe in Cabo Delgado. For almost a decade, TechnoServe has supported the development of Mozambique’s soy value chain, primarily focused on creating a sustainable and replicable system of service provision to smallholder farmers (SHFs). To do so, TechnoServe has piloted, honed, scaled, and replicated the Small Commercial Farmer (SCF) model while leveraging market relationships with trusted Agribusiness Partners (ABPs). The SCF model is a facilitative approach meant to create the “missing link” for small- to medium-sized commercial producers able to supply and support Mozambique’s smallholder farmers directly and indirectly. In this model, TechnoServe carefully selects and trains SCFs to become both the knowledge and service points to SHFs, resulting in increased financial benefits for rural farming communities through a strengthened local seed and service provider network.

Project goal: To increase the incomes of smallholder family farms through the production of soy. As the program supports farmers to start growing soy at profitable yields, it also facilitates the emergence of input and output markets that can scale up to enable broader production in the future. Thus designed, this program can pave a pathway for future scale-up of soy production in Cabo Delgado.

Project achievements:

  • Establishment of a women’s association and trainings in soy-related subjects
  • Over 3,500 smallholder farmers adopting soybean cultivation
  • 24 Small Commercial Farmers promoting soybean cultivation in partnership with the project, of which eight benefited from agricultural equipment
  • 3,500 ha of soy fields have been opened by local SHFs and SCFs
  • Multiplication of 136 tons of seed
  • $1,1 million in revenue