MOZACAJÚ: Supporting the Mozambican cashew industry by harnessing global market demand for premium cashew and addressing obstacles throughout the value chain



Cabo Delgado, Nampula and Zambezia



2016-2019 (3 year)






$10.3 Million



Smallholder Cashew Farmers, Processing Facilities



Smallholder Cashew Farmers


MozaCajú is a three-year, USDA-funded initiative that supports the Mozambican cashew industry by harnessing global market demand for premium cashew and addressing obstacles throughout the value chain, including in the areas of inputs, production, processing and marketing. With targeted technical assistance delivered by qualified project staff, MozaCajú helps an estimated 30,000 smallholder cashew farmers and nine processing facilities to sustainably increase their productivity and competitiveness.

With growing demand for premium cashew internationally, Mozambican processing facilities are seeking larger quantities of high-quality nuts. Current production levels of smallholder cashew trees, however, are not adequate to meet the growing demands of these factories. To provide the quantities that factories want, cashew farmers need access to yield-promoting inputs and training on improved farming practices. With a consistent supply of quality cashew assured, factories can adopt efficiency-enhancing technologies and management systems that will allow them to expand their capacity and enter premium markets.

Sustained growth of Mozambique’s cashew industry is contingent on the ability of producers and processors to meet these needs and share in the benefits generated from increased sales in international retail markets. MozaCajú responds to the inter-connected nature of the cashew value chain by providing the specific technical assistance farmers and factories require for the industry to reach its full potential. The initiative directly supports cashew producers through agricultural extension, nursery development, and demonstration plots, paying special attention to the needs of female farmers. MozaCajú also works closely with processing facilities to improve their business plans, implement effective traceability systems, and meet the standards of international retailers for quality, quantity, and food safety.

For success to endure, however, benefits must accrue to all parties up and down the value chain. That is why the concept of “shared value” is a cornerstone of the MozaCajú initiative. Shared value from tree to trade means that farmers, processors, retailers, and consumers are linked together in a way that promotes industry growth, and addresses each group’s unique interests. Through policies and operational practices that are both business-savvy and socially conscious, MozaCajú is redefining these linkages to help the cashew industry increase its profits and enhance its competitiveness, while at the same time advancing the economic and social conditions of the families and communities that depend on cashew for their livelihood.

Mozambican Cashew

Mozambique’s ideal growing conditions and strong local processing sector make the country uniquely well-positioned to become one of the most competitive global providers of traceable, sustainable, high-quality cashew. On-going investments in improved technologies and management practices are making the industry not only more productive and efficient, but also more ethical and transparent.

From Tree to Trade

Building on Mozambique’s long-standing reputation as one of the world’s best and most prolific producers of cashews, new technologies and improved management systems for production and processing are increasing the quantity, quality, and value of Mozambican cashew kernel available for sale on the international market.

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Premium Markets

Transparent systems for efficient supply chain management in the Mozambican cashew industry allow retailers and final consumers to know where cashews come from and how they are handled during their journey from farm to table. This important information also facilitates a range of quality-assuring certifications, including food safety and organic. 

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Against the backdrop of changing demands in the international market for cashews, MozaCajú supported the expansion of the Mozambican cashew industry in a way that allowed producers and processors to meet the requirements and preferences of buyers. With targeted interventions in the areas of production, processing, and marketing, MozaCajú worked toward a more productive, efficient, and transparent cashew value chain, which allowed Mozambique to harness the growing global market demand for premium cashew kernel.

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