Agribusiness Partners

The Catalisa project has partnerships with 17 commercial agribusinesses and is currently providing technical assistance to farmers, identifying and assessing candidates for inclusion in the horticulture and poultry value chains. The project is also developing financial and inputs packages for these farmers, as well as partnerships with lenders and agricultural inputs providers, while supporting nine agribusiness partners with business advice and expanded technical assistance.

Currently the Catalisa project works with the following agribusiness partners:

RW Machambas

RW Machambas is a company established in 2017 in Montepuez, specializing in the production of vegetables. The company produces and packages vegetables and fruits, commercializing the local market. RW Machambas is an aggregator and supplier of inputs to smallholder farmers in their community as well.

Richard Wakefield

M’Puez Veg (MPV)

M’Puez Veg (MPV) is a vegetable production company in the Pemba area, operating since 2012. The company produces and sells high-margin commercial vegetables in local markets and to suppliers in the region, and also acts as an aggregator for smallholder farmers in its community.

Susen Human

Iocomas Farm

Iocomas Farm is a vegetable production company in the Pemba corridor. The company also adds value to the product of local farmers, from which it buys and sells in local and regional markets.

Herminia Munguambe


Mutica is a vegetable producer in the Pemba (Chiúre) corridor supplying the Namapa, Chiúre and Pemba markets.

Raimundo Mutica

+258 84 41 70 489


Quivoloca is a vegetable producer operating in the Pemba corridor (Metuge and Namuno). The company also adds value to local farmers’ businesses, including the provision of transport services, for the distribution and sale of their products to local and regional markets

Casimiro Quivoloca

+258 84 74 68 427

Veggie Basket

Veggie Basket is a vegetable production company in the province that produces and assists in adding value to local growers’ produce through the provision of cold storage and transportation. Early this year the company expanded its operations to Palma, where also farm vegetable and supplies the local market in addition to support the local small holder farm providing technical assistance and facilitating access to inputs throughout its networking.

Alfredo Soares