Learn more about our progress and lessons learned from our work in the developing world.

TechnoServe Reports

2014 Impact Report

Our inaugural Impact Report highlights 2014 data from our work with enterprising people in 29 countries.

2015 World View

An annual update for friends and supporters of TechnoServe. Learn about how our work engages and benefits women.

2013 Annual Report

Read our 2013 Annual Report to see how we made a difference in the lives of 2.2 million people in 30 countries.




Spring 2015

Empowering Young Women; Top Rating from Charity Navigator; New Sustainer Program

Fall 2014

Meet Our New CEO; Spotlight on West African Cocoa; Mobile Tools for Farmers



Other Reports

A Guide to Working with Informal Financial Institutions

This guide explores lessons learned and best practices for increasing access to finance for smallholder farmers and rural entrepreneurs.

8 Views for the G8

Agriculture for Impact details how business solutions for African smallholder farmers can address food security and nutrition issues. Includes viewpoints from eight development organizations, including TechnoServe.



Case Studies

Case Study: The Return on Investment From TechnoServe’s Coffee Initiative

This briefing from the Initiative for Smallholder Finance Coffee Initiative offers a case study of TechnoServe's Coffee Initiative, focusing on how technical assistance can increase access to finance for smallholder farmers, achieve scale and generate value for an industry.

Index of Global Philanthropy and Remittances 2010

Highlights TechnoServe's remittance-based work in El Salvador.



Fact Sheets

Access to Finance: Advisory Services

In order to accomplish our mission, TechnoServe supports enterprises in accessing financial products and services that are integral to their long-term growth and success.



Leveraging SMS Technology to Creatve Transparency and Growth in Coffee Value Chains

Learn how mobile technologies help coffee cooperatives access finance and create opportunities for farmers.

Boosting Coffee Yields Through Activity Based Learning

Learn how TechnoServe's agronomy training has benefited coffee farmers in East Africa.