Together with our partners, TechnoServe is helping to grow strong markets that create opportunities for enterprising people in the developing world.

East Africa Dairy Development

Funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and implemented in partnership with Heifer International, the East Africa Dairy Development (EADD) program is designed to boost the milk yields and incomes of small-scale farmers so they can lift their families and communities out of poverty.


Project Nurture

A partnership with The Coca-Cola Company and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Project Nurture aims to help more than 50,000 small-scale mango and passion fruit farmers in Kenya and Uganda double their fruit incomes. TechnoServe and its partners are working with farmers to identify new market opportunities, improve productivity and develop strong farmer business groups.

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Women’s Farmer Producer Groups in Bihar

TechnoServe is implementing a year-long technical assistance project in Bihar aimed at strengthening the state’s effort to support women farmers through forming producer groups.


Studying the Rice Value Chain

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are focusing on rice as a key crop in their fight to improve nutrition and increase smallholder farmer incomes. TechnoServe is working with the Gates Foundation to analyze the rice sector throughout India and Bangladesh.


Kenya Coffee Initiative

Working in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation since 2007, the Coffee Initiative aims to increase coffee incomes by 64 percent for 6,000 smallholder Kenyan farmers. We are working with smallholder coffee farmers to improve their cultivation, milling and marketing practices in order to increase the quality and quantity of their coffee and command higher prices.

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Transforming the Coffee Sector

Now in its second four-year phase, the Coffee Initiative aims to significantly boost Rwanda coffee farmers’ incomes while raising yields and quality. TechnoServe business advisors work with farmers to improve growing and processing practices as well as build new wet mill businesses that produce some of Rwanda’s finest specialty coffee.

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Connecting Farmers with Mobile Services

TechnoServe and Tigo, one of the largest mobile network operators in Tanzania, have joined forces on the mFarmer program to improve farmers’ livelihoods through improved access to actionable information on mobile phones. TechnoServe and Tigo have developed Tigo Kilimo, a sustainable product to disseminate high-quality, reliable information through the mobile phone.


Expanding Specialty Coffee

As part of its regional Coffee Initiative, TechnoServe is helping small-scale farmers increase their incomes by producing higher-quality coffee for the lucrative specialty coffee market. Our Tanzanian coffee work to date has helped increase farmers’ incomes by $1 million a year, partly by enabling them to sell directly to overseas buyers such as Starbucks and Peet's Coffee & Tea.

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Improving Food Security

TechnoServe is working across five African countries with USAID and Partners in Food Solutions to improve the quality and quantity of nutritious, processed food. In Zambia, we are currently assisting nine processors, with over 37 different technical and business development projects that will increase their capacity and efficiency, and improve the quality and safety of their products.


Growing the Cashew Industry

TechnoServe is an implementing partner in the African Cashew Initiative, which works to improve the volume and value of cashews produced and processed in Africa. In Ghana, TechnoServe has provided four cashew processors with intensive technical assistance, helping create more than 1,000 jobs.


Supporting Smallholder Coffee Farmers

Coffee contributes more than 30 percent of annual export earnings, and provides a livelihood for over one million households. Since 2009, TechnoServe helped establish 90 new farmer-owned wet mills across Ethiopia as part of the Coffee Initiative. TechnoServe is continuing its work by providing agronomy training to over 50,000 coffee farmers in Ethiopia.

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Improving Cocoa Productivity and Food Security

TechnoServe is a key implementer in the African Cocoa Initiative (ACI), which aims to institutionalize effective public and private sector models for sustainable productivity growth and improve food security on cocoa farms in West and Central Africa.

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