Horticulture for Growth (H4G) program

Horticulture 4 Growth (H4G): An Initiative of the Agricultural Commercialization Clusters (ACCs) is a $6M, 5-year program being jointly implemented in Ethiopia by TechnoServe and the Agricultural Transformation Institute (ATI), funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The project aims to accelerate the transformation of Ethiopia’s horticulture sub-sector by leveraging the power of the private sector.

Development of the horticulture sub-sector is one of the critical pillars of the 10-year development plan put forward by the Ministry of Agriculture to diversify the country’s productive base, drive economic growth, and create jobs. There is an increasing domestic demand for horticulture products, driven by urbanization and income growth. Local supply has the potential to meet this increased demand, while mitigating rising import levels. In addition to the domestic demand, fresh horticultural products are considered to be a potential new export engine, and a practical way to increase access to foreign currency by the Government of Ethiopia.

ATI’s Agricultural Commercialization Cluster (ACC) initiative leverages areas that are strategically located in the closest locations to the large urban markets and benefit from ideal agro-climactic conditions. ACC Initiative contains clearly defined geographic clusters specializing in priority commodities; these clusters are designed to maximize production and productivity while integrating commercialization activities.



Having its bases in ACC, the H4G program has identified two investment priorities:

(1) Strengthening and professionalizing the supply of tomato, onion, mango, and banana within the domestic market channel – in particular to meet growing demand in major Ethiopian urban centers by focusing on quality improvements throughout the market system; and

(2) Developing the nascent avocado export market where the competitive gap is narrowest and explore access to high-value EU markets.

The H4G program has established a Catalytic Grant Fund to incentivize and support diverse market system actors. Learn More