Volunteer Consultant Program

Volunteer Consultants are critical members of the TechnoServe team, working with our full-time staff to further our mission and increase our impact around the world. 

Since 1996, TechnoServe has engaged more than 1,000 Volunteer Consultants on three- to 12-month projects throughout Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, and India. If you are looking to take a break from the ordinary and employ your professional skills in a dynamic international setting, please apply now to join TechnoServe’s Volunteer Consultant Program.

No two projects are exactly alike, but typical Volunteer Consultant roles often involve:

  • Assessing markets, value chains and industries, and identifying opportunities
  • Crafting business and funding strategies in partnership with one or more TechnoServe clients
  • Strengthening the operations and/or organizational capacity of TechnoServe clients
  • Designing innovative TechnoServe projects and proposals
  • Evaluating program impact 

Other, less frequent projects include researching and writing communications materials, developing training curricula and designing strategic research for our clients and partners. Review our detailed sample project descriptions to understand the skills and capabilities most often required.

Check out our Facebook page for pictures and information on past, present and sometimes upcoming Volunteer Consultant projects, and be sure to “like” the page and share with your friends and colleagues.

Featured Alumni

Volunteer Consultant Program alumni represent top-tier consulting, industry and nonprofit organizations and graduate schools. Meet some of our alumni and learn more about their experience with TechnoServe and where they are now.

What You Gain

TechnoServe was an amazing experience. The focus on business driven, sustainable development - one that will endure after donors have exited - really gave me the sense that our efforts aren't just feel good, temporary projects, but initiatives with positive long-term effects.

Volunteer Consultants are given the unique chance to:

  • Contribute their skills to help change the lives of those living in poverty
  • Experience the field of international development firsthand
  • Build new skills in a cross-cultural and entrepreneurial environment
  • Access online courses through our e-learning platforms, eCornell and TLC
  • Join a global alumni community representing top-tier consulting, industry and nonprofit organizations and graduate schools.

While a salary is not offered, TechnoServe typically covers Volunteer Consultants’ costs to travel to and live in-country for the duration of their projects. These costs may include international airfare, in-country accommodation and transportation, daily per diem, visas and other travel-related expenses.

What We're Looking For

Volunteer Consultants have proven business skills that will be of value to our teams and partners on the ground. Desired skills often include industry analysis, business plan development, financial modeling, operations, organizational development, marketing strategy and stakeholder management. Volunteer Consultants have a minimum of two years of full-time work experience, typically, though not exclusively, in management consulting, financial services or corporate strategy and demonstrate a high degree of enthusiasm, flexibility and strong communication skills. They can work comfortably in unfamiliar, sometimes challenging environments.

Apply Now

We welcome applications on a rolling basis. The process for becoming a Volunteer Consultant is highly selective. The Volunteer Consultant Program aligns candidate skills and interests with project requirements, and applicants are interviewed as new opportunities emerge. While individual preferences are taken into account, offers to join TechnoServe are subject to project needs at the time of application. Please note that some positions require proficiency in French or Spanish.

We encourage you to read our frequently asked questions and sample project descriptions before submitting your application.

Apply Now

If you were previously a volunteer consultant and are interested in serving again or would like to contact the program team, please get in touch with us at volcon@tns.org.


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