Farmer smiling with Bananas in Uganda


Uganda is often described as the “Pearl of Africa,” due to its abundant natural resources, tropical climate, rich soils, and well-distributed rainfall, which provide an ideal environment for its agricultural sector, which employs 80 percent of the country’s workforce.

80% of Uganda's workforce is in the agricultural sector.

Despite these natural advantages, over 20% of the population still live below the poverty line. Although subsistence farming currently dominates agriculture in Uganda, the sector has great potential to drive major economic growth and lift millions of people out of poverty.

Since 1972, TechnoServe has been working in Uganda with farmers, cooperatives, suppliers, and processors to strategically develop competitive industries around key agricultural markets, including dairy, coffee, horticulture, and staples such as maize and beans. We help farmers improve agricultural practices, assist producer organizations to strengthen operations, and identify opportunities for investment in agriculture.

Additionally, we support the diversification of Uganda’s economy through entrepreneurship programs that empower young men and women to create thriving businesses.

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Project Nurture: Growing Prosperity for Africa’s Fruit Farmers

A partnership between TechnoServe, The Coca-Cola Company, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Project Nurture helped more than 50,000 fruit farmers in East Africa increase their incomes by an average of 142 percent.

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IOM: Eyes in the Sky for African Agriculture, Water Resources, and Urban Planning

In this case study, TechnoServe’s Innovations in Outcome Measurement (IOM) program explores how advances in drone-assisted imaging and mapping services can bring new income and efficiency to economic development in East Africa.

Project Nurture: Partnering for Business Opportunity and Development Impact

Prepared by the Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative at Harvard Kennedy School, this report examines how Project Nurture demonstrates the potential for building sustainable and inclusive value chains through cross-sector partnerships.

Women Mean Business Impact Audit Report from ImpactMatters

In 2017, TechnoServe engaged ImpactMatters, an impact audit firm founded with support from Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA), to review several projects within our portfolio. Training and mentorship programs aimed to help SMEs develop business expansion strategies in Uganda helped women-led businesses increase monthly revenues by 22 percent and take…

Grain Sector Climate Smart Awareness And Decision-Making

Nile Breweries, a subsidiary of AB InBev, has sought to improve their supply chains of sorghum and barley through local sourcing and sustainability commitments. This outcome story shares how Nile Breweries Limited leveraged the Guide to Assessing Climate Resilience in Smallholder Supply Chains, part of the USAID Feed the…